Hello Animal Talks

Hello Animal Talks Joaquin de la Torre Ponce

February 14, 2022

Jennie interviews Joaquin de la Torre Ponce from the International Fund of Animal Welfare in our latest Hello Animal Talks Podcast. How do you tell the difference between a jaguar fang and a dog tooth? For Joaquin de la Torre Ponce, teaching trade officials in South America the answer to this question could help end the illegal trafficking of the region’s most endangered big cat. And that’s just one part of his job.

Joaquin has made a decade-long career out of crafting effective messages to support causes in animal welfare, conservation, and biodiversity. He started at IFAW, building relationships with media outlets in Latin America to help drive the conversation around wildlife protection. From there, Joaquin went on to consult for organizations like Oxfam before returning to IFAW as the Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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