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Hello Animal Talks Simon Jones

March 14, 2022

This week on Hello Animal Talks Jennie chats with Simon Jones founder and CEO of Helping Rhinos, an international NGO based in the UK which is dedicated to supporting animal conservation, most particularly saving Rhinos. Simon tells me about the work of Helping Rhinos which through its premier fundraising is able to support boots on the ground project partnerships, mostly in Africa dedicated to saving Rhinos. He speaks about the daunting prevalence of poaching and consequent anti-poaching measures that are implemented, including patrol teams, specially trained dogs, and air surveillance. He also shares about baby rhinos rescues, sanctuaries for rhino orphans, and work with the local communities to garner their support and add value to their lives.

Simon has spent time on conservation projects in Africa, working specifically on rhino conservation. In 2012 Simon felt his perfect blend of experience in both the charity and business sectors, combined with an unwavering passion for wildlife conservation, and in particular the rhino, could be used to greater effect. Simon founded Helping Rhinos and has led the organization in its growth, achieving success in terms of brand awareness, creating partnerships, and increasing revenue year on year, all allowing the organization to achieve tangible results in its goal of protecting rhino in their natural habitat.

Enjoy Simon and check out the Helping Rhino website to learn more about this incredible organization. Helping Rhinos: https://www.helpingrhinos.org/

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